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Introducing SRound™ for candidates

We have reimagined how a recruitment firm needs to interact with its candidates and developed a new way of bringing career opportunities to market that suits the digital economy.

After a year of planning, brainstorming, market testing and client consultation we are delighted to be launching SRound™ a secure web-based platform that helps match careers to your profile in a transparent, efficient and innovative way.

We have long recognised that being a recruitment consulting business is more than just placing jobs, therefore SRound™ will also be a valuable source of information at various stages in your career. Providing you with curated content including industry trends, career focused articles and unique benchmarking tools, SRound™ will give you access to the information you need to make the right decisions in your career.

How does SRound work?

Watch the video here for more details.

Why have we created SRound?

The changing job market is made more challenging by the fact that for many of you finding time to actively seek and research a new position is becoming harder.  In the digital and social age people are used to having instantaneous information at their fingers tips for every element of their life.  Information they can access, tailor and control whenever and wherever they are.

Of course SRound™ does not replace the high level consulting offered by Seldon Rosser – we will remain very accessible and highly engaged.

We have also appointed Amanda Lecaude as our SRound™ Engagement Manager to help you with any SRound™ related enquiries.

So, welcome to SRound™ we hope you enjoy using it, after all it’s made for you!

Frequently asked questions about SRound™

How can I set up a profile?

You can easily Register for a SRound™ profile here on our website.

How secure is SRound™?

This is imperative to the success of SRound™ and something we have taken very seriously.  You can read more about this in our Privacy Statement.

Can I provide ideas or ask questions about SRound™?

Absolutely!  We welcome feedback, questions and ideas.  This platform is for you and we are committed to continual future investment to ensure it offers as much value as possible.

Feel free to contact any one of us – however our Engagement Manager – Amanda Lecaude, / +613 9903 6402 – is often a good place to start.


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