Logging on to SRound™ just got a whole lot easier!

Our salary benchmarking tool is proving to be a great resource for users of SRound™.   Now with our new and easy to Log in with LinkedIn feature you are just a few steps away from discovering your earning potential….

We are delighted to announce a new SRound™ feature release – Log in with LinkedIn.

Whilst it’s critical to password protect access to SRound™, to protect your sensitive information, we are also keen to make it as easy as possible to log in and use on a day to day basis.

You are already able to tick “remember me” on your devices so that it recalls your password every time you access.

However, Log in with LinkedIn now allows you to access SRound™ with the click of one button.

(This will only work for you if your SRound™ user name (email address) is the same email address used to set up your LinkedIn account.  If you want to change your SRound™ email / user name you will have to log in with the old email but can then quickly go to change email to resolve this.  The email you use for your SRound™ log in will also be the one all article notifications and job alerts are sent to.)

We hope the release of this new feature, will make it quick and easy for you to access; allowing you to more regularly SRound™ yourself with opportunity.

Click here to login and give it a go!

And remember, Amanda Lecaude – our SRound™ Engagement Manager – is always here to help you, [email protected]