Key learnings:

During our last visit to Hong Kong we ran a career seminar for over 30 Business Development (BD) and Marketing professionals with the industry’s leading association, ICON.  As part of this we interviewed 10 clients across the law, accounting and property sectors to get their insights on the future direction of marketing / BD across all of Asia.

Here is a snapshot of the key takeaways:

How will changing market conditions affect how you structure and resource you Marketing & BD team?

What skills (Technical & Soft) will be important for the Asia based marketer of the future?

Technical Skills

Soft Skills

In going through these key points it is useful to reflect back to the shift in focus of the roles which will remain “on-shore” in major Asia based centres – roles that focus on facilitation and project management, strategy, coaching and true advice.

What was clear from the conversations we had with all these clients is that those bi-lingual / tri-lingual candidates in Greater China who can truly develop these soft skills and gain experience in a market leading, best practice BD/Marketing team; will have incredible career paths in front of them.

What does high performance look like to you?

We expect the answers we got here would be reflected if we asked clients globally the same question.  This is how your current employer / future employer will assess high performance – are you holding yourself to the same bar?

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