Salary Benchmarks 2020

Article Seldon-Rosser-2020-Salary-Benchmarks

We are often asked to provide salary bands when recruiting business development, marketing and communications roles for professional services firms.

The following tables denote the advice we provide these firms around appropriate salary budgets.  These bands are an indication and the figures are arrived at through our industry knowledge, candidate interviews and placements across the region.

Head of / Director and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) roles are not listed here as the salary ranges are highly nuanced.  We have placed over 100 of these roles in the region and have an excellent knowledge of the factors affecting ranges. It’s worth noting that in 2019 we started to see some Directors hired with Partner equivalent status and compensation structure. For advice on salaries at this level, please contact Graham or Katie.

You can also listen to our 2020 Salary Benchmarks podcast to learn more about the current job market and rationale behind the numbers.



Note: salary bands are inclusive of superannuation.

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