Getting ready to find a new job checklist

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Key learnings:

  • What you need to know when looking for a new role

At Seldon Rosser, we have often been called career gurus and it’s a compliment that we don’t take for granted.  We realise that our years of experience and the thousands of people we have placed have given us knowledge that is valuable to people in professional services who are seeking a career change.

We enjoy what we do and get a great deal of satisfaction from helping people reach their career objectives; or sometimes in just getting someone a job that really needed one.  But as the market of opportunities gets broader (geographically we now place as many people in Asia as we do in Australia) or deeper (the continuing trend for specialist roles) it is becoming more important for candidates to take some control as to what they want and to have an awareness of where they fit in the industry.

Here is our checklist on getting ready to find a new job.

Why you are looking to change jobs?

This could be a myriad of factors such as you want a promotion, you want to change sector, you want to live and work somewhere else.

Do your research

The Seldon Rosser website is a great place to start. Explore the job opportunities we are actively recruiting for and access our collection of career guides for tips on updating your resume or how to prepare for an interview. Think about what sector and location you would like to next work in.

What is your timing? 

This is important because it affects the reality of some of the above.  For example, If you are moving to Singapore next month because your partner has got a job there and you need to find work asap, then you should target jobs that you have experience in rather than hope you can change sector and get a promotion as well.  It also makes sense to look at contracts etc.

What sector do you want to work in?

We represent clients across law, engineering, accounting and other business services.  They all have different approaches to BD & Marketing and recruit different skill sets.  We can help you identify the best sectors for you but it helps if you have done some thinking (and research) around this as well.

Where do you want to live/work?

There really has never been a better time to work internationally if you have professional services experience. Some thought about what you want out of life, how you want to live and what sort of experiences you want to have, are important factors here.  If you have children or pets, or if your pets are your children, then some cities are better than others.

Be realistic about salary

Talk to us about salary benchmarks for your role, experience, sector and location. We place new candidates every week so we know the going market rate.

Be patient

Recruitment cycles are getting longer, particularly if there is an international or interstate move in the mix.  Also firms are getting more selective about hiring; business cases have to be written, more stakeholders need to get involved.  So if you are planning a career change, start talking to us six months in advance.

Finally sometimes a five minute call to us can steer you in the right direction quickly, so connect with us on LinkedIn or call us and we can help you get started.

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