On-brand, on-board with Rich Curtis – CEO, FutureBrand Australia


If you had taken predictions of the future at face value, all of us would have been replaced by robots by now. As it turns out, the demand for people only seems to be growing and talent acquisition feels more challenging than ever.

What can an organisation do to position itself in a market where talent is tight? Offer more money? Provide better benefits? Run bigger ads?

For many organisations, the brand is the answer to getting people on-board. A strong brand not only means clients are more likely to choose to buy from you, but also employees are more likely to choose to work for you.

In November, Rich Curtis, CEO of FutureBrand Australia, presented some thought provoking insights on how your brand helps to attract and acquire new people and how it supports to also grow and retain your people.

Some of the key takeaways from the session included:

  • The importance of the employee experience when they On Board, during their journey, and also when they Off Board.

They may leave your team, but don’t leave the relationship. How are you managing the relationship with your team when they exit, will this last memory of their professional experience with you be a positive one?

  • Our network who were surveyed in the lead-up to the presentation value people, team and culture over work and career opportunities when choosing a new employer.

This rings true from our experiences in the recruitment process. Are you being strategic about selecting and coaching your interview panel?

  • The importance of deeply understanding your EVP and what it is that your employees connect to.

And when you understand, how are you articulating this to the market in the interview process? This is the reason we started interviewing key leaders for our Opportunity Prospectus when we take a role to market.

If you would like to receive a copy of the recording which includes the entire presentation, please get in touch.

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