Episode 2 – Building an Online Authority Strategy – Jillian Bowen


In Episode two of the Seldon Rosser podcast, Graham Seldon, talks to content and social media strategist, Jillian Bowen, about how to build and execute an online authority strategy for your firm.

Jillian discusses:

  • What an authority program is and how it will benefit your firm and fee earners
  • How being an authority is different from a social media influencer
  • The potential risks of an authority program and how to mitigate them

If you’ve enjoyed this podcast, Jillian has prepared a 1 hour Master Class on How to Build an Online Authority Program. In this master class, you will learn how to:

  • Plan an online authority program
  • Build your online authority program
  • Implement an authority program
  • Write an authority program roadmap

You can also download a complete set of master class slides, which you can use to develop your firm’s online authority program.

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