Professional services marketing works for women

Article Professional-Services-Marketing-Works-For-Women

It’s International Women’s Day and sometimes we tend to focus on what’s not happening for females in the workplace. We wanted to highlight some great positives about being a marketer in professional services – let’s stop and celebrate – because we’re worth it!

Gender pay gap

We work across the Asia Pacific market at all levels and can confidently say there is no real pay disparity between males and females in BD & Marketing roles. Not many industry groups can say the same! Our clients take into consideration budget, standard market rate, previous salary and team salary parity at that level when making a decision on salary packages. Candidates who are able to put their best foot forward in interviews and can confidently illustrate the value they can add to the role definitely do better in salary negotiations.

Women in high places

We are very proud to have 65% of our clients across Asia Pacific with women leading the Marketing and BD teams. The ‘top’ is not out of reach.  If you are talented, ambitious and work hard, you can be rewarded by earning the top spot without worrying that you will be overlooked because of your gender. More and more females are being appointed to leadership positions and it is not uncommon in professional services marketing and hasn’t been for a long time.

Flexible working

An interesting development in this space is that there is an increase in firms offering genuine flexible working to everyone. We have seen a lot of progress over the last couple of years around this not being just a women’s issue – making headway in reducing the stigma around this.

Technological advancements mean you don’t have to always be in the office to do your job – so it is safe to assume that there are a lot more people sometimes working in their PJs now.

Feel Encouraged!

We hope you feel buoyed by the points above which really do go to show that professional services marketing works for women.

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