APAC Law Firm BDMC Budgets & Ratios

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During July 2021, Seldon Rosser conducted a series of zoom sessions with four groups of CMOs/Directors of BD&M (a total of 21) from major law firm brands in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand & Singapore.

The key topic this time was – Budgets and BDMC to Partner Ratios.

Key Themes

Key themes from the discussions are shared in this paper and centre around the below questions:

  1. How are budgets set and who sets them?
  2. What are firms spending more or less on?
  3. How are rising salaries impacting budgets?
  4. What are the best ways to retain good people?
  5. What are Partner: BDMC team ratios?

We have had great feedback from those CMOs who participated and we are pleased to share this report more widely.

To learn more, download a full copy of the report.

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