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Congratulations! You have now proceeded to the reference checking stage and this is often the final stage of the recruitment process. Reference checking is extremely important as it often forms part of our selection process that will allow us to confirm information by discussing your performance with your previous senior colleagues and/or internal clients.

In some cases more than one candidate will be reference checked and you’ll always be advised of this, where it will be even more important to select the right referees.

References and other pre-employment checks must be deemed satisfactory before a formal offer of employment can be made.  Often a ‘conditional offer’ is made beforehand but not always.  Other pre-employment checks can include psychometric testing and criminal background checks.

‘Two referee rule’

Seldon Rosser will require at least two professional referees from all applicants at the reference checking stage. Ideally, your two references are people whom you reported to, partners and/or directors of BD.  It is usual to take them from your most recent two employers, including your current employer.

Current employer referee

When considering who to use at your current employer, often there may be a senior team member or Partner who has left the firm who will be willing to provide this.  However, where this is not easy, we understand that this reference may not be available until after you have resigned.  Whilst on paper there is a risk factor, you will need to ‘back yourself’ and be confident in your reference.  Understandably, you would only be asked to do this when you have a conditional written offer.

UK employer referee

If your referee is from an employer based in the United Kingdom, we recognise that HR policy in most UK firms prohibits employees in providing references. However, we may still need a full reference as generic HR references are not accepted in Australia (this is often more flexible in Asia/Middle East).  In this case, Seldon Rosser will help you to communicate and explain to the UK based referee(s) that their comments will be taken as a representation of them as an individual (giving a personal reference in a work context) as opposed to giving a representation on behalf of the firm.

Always fore-warn your referees

You will always get a better reference if your referee is expecting our call.  Be sure to warn them and renew permission, even when they have previously said you can use them as a referee at any time.

If you have any questions about this stage please contact us.

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