How to get headhunted


Headhunting in professional services is here to stay – so how can you ensure you’re on Seldon Rosser’s hit list?

Headhunting and the recruitment of off-market roles remains a chosen resourcing option for professional services firms. Likewise, most candidates are typically incredibly busy, so there is an expectation that they will be approached about their next role instead of scouring job ads – even if they’re highly motivated to move.

Headhunting is of two-way value to both firms and candidates: firms receive an all-encompassing outsourced search solution, and professionals who are the best fit for an opportunity can expect to get tapped on the shoulder at the appropriate time. Many candidates have a deep and trusted relationship with Seldon Rosser, meaning we understand their career plans, what drives them and relevant factors in their personal life that feed into career decisions. All of this ensures those professionals hear about the right opportunities for them at the right time.

Several years ago, headhunting was reserved for C-level and Director roles. Now it is common at most levels in the market, with Seldon Rosser regularly being engaged on headhunting (search) campaigns for Senior Manager roles and more junior positions where the skillset is particularly specialist.

So, how do you make sure you get approached about your dream job? Here are some ideas:

  1. Build a close relationship with Seldon Rosser: This is a long-term investment in your career. Seldon Rosser commits to candidates for their entire careers and we enjoy providing advice about the market, where you sit within this and the different career paths and choices available to you. We can serve you best when we understand your plans, ambitions, motivators and what’s happening in your life. The work-life equilibrium is something we understand – career opportunities must suit your career as well as your life. Lean into the relationship and share with us – it positions us better to think of you for the right role.
  2.  Your responsive, positive and proactive communication style: Having a responsive and positive communication style not only benefits you during a live application, it also helps generally. It provides Seldon Rosser with insight into how you will communicate with senior leaders and colleagues once you get a job. Our clients regularly ask us for our feedback about being on the other side of you and our experience of your communication style and engagement. It also builds that close relationship. If we approach you about a role that isn’t of interest, it’s so useful to hear back from you with a brief reason as to why – timing, the role itself.  It all helps us to better understand your needs and preferences for future opportunities.
  3. Optimise your online presence: You can’t underestimate the power of your LinkedIn profile. The way in which you showcase your experience, perspective and insights as well as the emphasis you put on describing your experience may affect whether or not we approach you about a role, particularly if we have not had a lot of engagement previously.
  4. Let your network know: From our experience, word of mouth and speaking to our network is often how we are pointed in the right direction of the perfect candidate. So, of course let us know (you can by messaging us here). However, it can also be worth sharing your ambitions with trusted confidants in your network (whether long or short term) and sharing your successes and the focus of your role. This makes it more likely they will recommend you to us when we bring a particular opportunity to market.
  5. Think about where in the world (or country) you would move to: If you are open to a relocation, do ensure you let us know. We don’t want to overlook you for the perfect role if it’s assumed the location will rule you out.

As headhunting continues to be a key resourcing strategy of firms, it’s important to ensure that you’re well-positioned to receive the call! Get in touch to discuss your career aspirations and to make sure you’re on our radar for opportunities.


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