S1 Ep 3 – The Price is Right with Colin Jasper


In this episode, Graham Seldon interviews legal pricing expert and Principal of Positive Pricing, Colin Jasper.

Colin gives his views on pricing strategy the important role business development and marketing professionals play.

Specifically, Colin and Graham discuss:

  • Why is pricing legal services so complex?
  • What law firms have to achieve from their pricing strategy
  • The difference in pricing strategies from country to country
  •  The role of business development and marketing in setting the pricing strategy
  • Are client decisions based on price?
  • Colin’s predictions for law firms in 2025

About our guest, Colin Jasper

Colin advises law firms globally on their pricing strategy, particularly how to turn legal advice into an investment to be optimised, rather than a cost to be minimised. He is the Principal and founder of Positive Pricing, a global consulting firm that helps professional services firms create greater value for their clients and capture a fair share of that value for themselves.

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