Visualising BD Opportunities with Alpha Creates

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Seldon Rosser was delighted to host this webinar (37:05) presented by Alpha Creates on how BD managers can use data visualisation to demonstrate ROI.

Here is a summary of the key topics covered in the webinar.

Why is data important for BD managers?

  • Why professional service firms should place more importance on data-driven decisions instead of intuition
  • Why BD is a critical link/single point of contact for clients to access the firm’s wider resources

How can data help the BD function?

Leveraging on data already collected, how you can create an engaging experience for the partners that you work with to help them through a data-driven conversation around:

  • Targeted BD training and coaching
  • Identifying cross-selling opportunities
  • Strategic planning
  • Better targeting
  • Key account programs

How can BD help the firm visualise data?

  • Help partners look at the data in an accessible way
  • Engage with partners by giving them an interactive graphic to play with
  • Access data you already have and view it through an alternative lens
  • Visualize the efforts that you put into your business development

It’s often quite difficult to engage the partnership properly in some of the findings that you have, visualising alleviates that difficulty. It’s something interactive where they can play with the data rather than just looking at a table.

What data can be used?

As long as there’s robust data about that area we can visualize it and put it into a view that helps you understand it at a glance.

  • Billing data
  • Marketing and activity tracking
  • SWOT analyses
  • Heat map of file allocation

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