How to negotiate your salary

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One of the benefits of working with Seldon Rosser is we can negotiate your salary for you.  Remember, you negotiate your salary once a year, we negotiate salaries every day, which means we know the benchmarks for your role and industry and how to negotiate a fair deal for you and your new employer.

The way you engage with us at this stage of the process is often key to getting the best outcome for yourself and starting in your new role on the best footing.

Here is our checklist on how to negotiate your best salary.

Be open and transparent with Seldon Rosser

It’s the only way for us to be able to help you.  Whilst rare, on occasion we have met candidates who believe they will get a better result if they don’t ‘show us their hand’ – in reality it can hamper us and makes it harder to get the best outcome. We know what the industry benchmarks are and how best to position you in the market.

Be clear on your expectations from the start of the application process

What priority do you give to salary in your next move?  Are your motivations financial or is your prime focus something else like work flexibility or a relocation?

If your expectations change, be confident to bring this up quickly

Sometimes a recruitment process can go on long enough that things do change – perhaps you got a pay rise with your current employer.  Potential employers understand this happens sometimes and it’s best to get on the front foot with discussing this.

Ask for our advice and listen

We usually know when it’s worth you asking to negotiate and conversely when you shouldn’t push it. Ultimately, it’s your decision but we recommend take advantage of our experience.

Understand your new employer’s expectations

If you push too hard, you may get the financial outcome you want but understand that your new employer’s expectations of how quickly you’ll add value will increase.  They will expect value from day one and may give you less ‘grace’ to settle in.

Stepping up and proving yourself

When you step up into your first ever manager role, you can expect to be at the bottom of that new range until you prove your merit as a manager.

Work with Seldon Rosser to be creative

If you really want the role but the salary isn’t exactly what you’d hoped, perhaps there are other ways that this could work for you, eg extra study days for your masters, some flexibility, or a six month review.  There will always be some things which are deal breakers but it’s worth exploring the options.

Talk to us for more advice on how to negotiate your salary.

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